Our nationwide procurement and sourcing division, MelroseSRC provides concierge services, tailoring custom solutions to each client’s needs. With our strategic partnerships, we source from top brands and industry leaders, such as: Apple, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Microsoft, and Cisco. MelroseSRC navigates our clients through the evaluation, acquisition, and deployment processes.

What We Offer

When you contact us, you’re not just getting a list of places to buy the equipment or software you need. You’re getting much more. This is what MelroseSRC offers:

  • Dedicated concierge service designed around your unique needs.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Access to assistance with many different technology issues, including our in-house Apple certified tech support.
  • Items stocked as needed for next day or even same day delivery.
  • All services are built around maximizing your startup time and making the most efficient use of your budget.
  • Products sourced from the top names in the IT industry.

No Need to Large or Small

As our program is built upon your needs, there’s nothing too big or too small for our team. Once you’ve been assigned one of our expert liaisons, they will get to know your business, your needs, and your particular likes and wants. That’s all they need to begin finding the products and services that meet those needs.

Ready to get started or want to know more about MelroseSRC? Give us a call at 323.937.4600 or contact us today via email for more information.