Cloud technology is a very recent addition to the world of IT, but it has become very useful. This technology is similar to a server in that employees can access information saved remotely. However, with the cloud, the information and applications saved on that server can be accessed from anywhere. All a person needs is the correct login information, and they can access their programs and data. This method of streaming applications from a cloud has led to several advances in IT services and security.


Why Use the Cloud?

There are a number of benefits to using the cloud for data storage and for application deployment:

  • Your team can access your data and your software from any location. This is perfect for those who need to work from home or travel often.
  • Applications can be scaled or reduced as needed. If you no longer need a program to be licensed to a dozen people, simply cancel those licenses and immediately stop paying for them. If you need additional licenses, all you have to do is purchase more.
  • Clouds often include their own security and antivirus applications. This ensures everything is scanned multiple times – when saved to the cloud and on each personal computer.
  • There’s no need to update each computer with new patches or upgrades. All that needs to be done is to update the cloud application.

Who Can Benefit from the Cloud?

Any organization can potentially benefit from cloud applications and services. A grocery store, government agency, nonprofit, or video tech services can all make use of the cloud even though they are very different in scope and industry.

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