Audio & Video Conferencing

Many organizations need audio/video conferencing equipment to allow them to meet with their entire group at once. With international companies or nonprofits, this need is even greater. While you can use phone conferencing to connect everyone on a conference call, that older technology does not present as many options as AV equipment does. That’s why video tech services are in such high demand today.


Why Use Audio/Video Conferencing?

Are you uncertain why you should procure audio/video conferencing equipment and services? There are many different reasons:

  • You can share slides, images, documents, video, and files through most audio/video conferencing technology. This makes meetings much more collaborative and informative.
  • There are no long-distance fees or other charges to video conference online. Many programs are even free to download and use.
  • Video conferences can be attended by anyone, anywhere in the world. This includes multiple participants from multiple areas. All that’s required is an internet connection.
  • Attendees don’t necessarily need to have a camera to participate in the conference.
  • Many video conferencing software applications now have a compatible mobile device app, allowing people to join online conferences via smartphone.


Adding A/V Conferencing to Your Organization

If you want to add this option to your organization, doing so is quick and easy. As one of the top IT outsourcing companies, MelroseTEC can assist you with sourcing and procuring the technology needed for online conferences. The main item you’ll need is a camera. While some laptops do include webcams, some of these are limited in their definition and functionality. Companies that plan on regularly holding video conferences will want a better option.

You may also need software that makes it very easy to share documents, images, and other information. Free video conferencing programs may not offer this option, or if they do, it may be very limited. You also have to take note that many of these free programs don’t encrypt the information they stream, leaving your data open to hackers.

If you’re ready to learn about how A/V conferencing can help your business, contact us today.