Asset Management

Managing your assets is a vital part of your company. It is also a very broad term and includes monitoring your equipment, employees, offices, capital, intellectual property, and more. While it can be complex, once a management solution is introduced, it can quickly become second nature. All that’s needed is a documented, implemented system for deploying, maintaining, upgrading, operating and disposing of all of the assets your business has.


Outsourcing the Task

To effectively deal with asset management while still operating and growing a business, many CEOs and business owners choose to outsource this task. MelroseTEC offers a number of IT services that can assist with asset management.

For example, our asset tagging solution will help you track all of your equipment by placing a unique barcode sticker on it. This code can be used to track whom the equipment was checked out by, when it was last upgraded or maintained, when it was purchased, and more. Best of all, your team does not have to take the time to print these barcode stickers, tag all of the equipment, or create the tracking software. We can source and procure vendors to handle all of that.


Real-World Applications

There are many different ways to implement asset management in the real world. For example, say you are a company that does commercial electrical wiring. Asset management would begin when our team procures a length of wiring for you. This wiring is given a unique inventory number and scanned into your system. You can now quickly pull up information such as the date purchase, how much of the wiring was bought, and where it is stored in your warehouse.

Each time the wiring is used, it can be scanned and the quantity updated. When the spool is getting low, you can have a notification pop up telling you that you are running low.

That is just one-way asset management can help your company. If you would like to know more or discuss how MelroseTEC can help you with this task, contact us today.