Project Management

Project management involves identifying and applying the different skills, knowledge, tools, and personnel needed to complete a project. Most people do not realize that they use project management every day to do mundane things such as cook dinner or complete home repairs. However, the more formal idea of project management is practiced in businesses and other organizations.


The Steps of Project Management

Project management can be split into five different areas:

  • Initiating – the beginning of any project. This involved identifying the need, listing the resources available, and looking at the potential risks and problems.
  • Planning – how will the resources be used to solve the problem or complete the project? How will the risks be handled if/when they appear?
  • Executing – utilizing the resources and tools to work on and complete the project.
  • Monitoring – done during and after the executing phase, this involves monitoring the project and making any changes necessary to successfully complete it.
  • Closing – performing a final evaluation and declaring the project completed.

There are a number of different factors that a professional project manager has to consider during the initiating, planning, and executing phase. These include cost, time, scope, risk management, procurement, quality, and human resources.


Help with Project Management and Beyond

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