MelroseTEC provides a wide range of services for all of our clients. It does not matter if you are looking to procure specific equipment and services, need tech support, or are in need of data recovery, we offer those services as well. We are a full Apple service center and offer assistance with hardware and software issues you may have with iPhones, MacBooks, and other Apple products.


Why Us?

What makes our services better than those you could get from a competitor? The biggest difference in our services is that we customize everything we do so we can guarantee to meet your needs completely. With other companies, they may apply a standard solution to your needs, even if that solution does not perfectly match your problem. By building a custom solution for you from the ground-up, we can make certain that we address all of your needs without including anything you do not need or want.


Services We Offer:

Asking Siri to find “Apple computer repair near me”? Need someone to help you restore your lost photos or videos? Are you part of an organization looking for procurement and sourcing assistance? MelroseINC can do all of this. We are split into three different areas:

  • MelroseMAC – Our Apple experts can help you with all of the different iPhone, iPad, and Mac hardware plus services such as Apple TV, Adobe software, and more.
  • MelroseTEC – Need assistance with our IT infrastructure? Let our specialists provide you with the solutions you need.
  • MelroseSRC – Our sourcing and procurement division will help you find and secure all of the equipment, tools, and other items you need as well as help with asset tagging, stocking, and deployment.

If you are in need of any of these services or want to know what MelroseTEC can do for you, contact us via phone or email and talk to one of our representatives.