Sick of the hassle of developing the perfect software for one platform only to have to recreate it? Recoding the same software again and again to make it sellable in a larger market? Transcoding products are the answer you’ve been searching for. You can have your content reformatted automatically and hassle free with one of these servers.

Transcoding is a process that is used for a multitude of software needs. This process can refer to changing a digital file so that it can be viewed on more than one type of playback device. It can also refer to reconfiguring the software for an application so that it can be used on Apple, Droid or Windows devices. Whatever the software is that needs changing, there are products and services that can help.

Many transcoding devices work through a two stage process in which the file or software is first converted into an intermediate format that is more raw and basic. Once this is complete, the raw file can be used to re-translate it into a language understandable by the platform you are wishing to use it on. This process is completed through the use of algorithms that analyze and annotate the coded files. Annotated files are sent through a proxy server that completes the translation process before sending it out to the end user.

MelroseINC has a variety of transcoding devices to help with your reformatting needs. Don’t spend frivolous hours of your precious time with the headache of rewriting your codes. Let the products and people you trust at MelroseINC do it for you! With three convenient locations you can get the products you need in a timely and affordable manner.

Reformat material for use on different servers with transcoding products and services from MelroseINC today. Drop us a line using our online contact form or call directly at 323-937-4600.