Expand the capabilities of your world with network-attached storage (NAS). These devices link to any local-area network (LAN) to provide a storage system that is file-based, shared and can run through any standard Ethernet connection. This means that you don’t have to change your network setup in any dramatic way and each appliance has its own independent network node and individual IP address keeping it a separate entity from your computer.

This type of storage solution comes with a multitude of benefits. The addition of NAS to your system means the constant flow of files from you to your clients with just the click of a button. Even better, dissolve the storage capacity issues of the past with highly flexible configurations. Merely outfit your appliance with a larger disk or cluster multiple appliances together to create vertical and horizontal scalability. To ensure your customers peace of mind, try pairing with cloud storage to add another location and an extra layer of protection when backing up files.

Still not excited? Here are a few more of the things NAS can do for you, your business or your home:

  • Act as a back-up target for archiving or disaster recovery
  • Switch to server mode to function as an email, multimedia, print server or database
  • Provide centralized storage smart TV’s, security systems and various other internet-based components
  • Support storage technology such as redundant array of independent disks (RAID)

MelroseINC offers a variety of different NAS products ranging from desktop solutions for the home to enterprise solutions to take your business to a new level of professionalism. Find the latest technology and fantastic customer service at any of our three convenient locations in the Los Angeles area.

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