Infrastructure, at its very root, is the network or framework that holds any system, organization or business together. In the world of computing infrastructure refers to a set of virtual and physical resources. These resources work together to ensure that the processing, storage, flow and analysis of data continues to run smoothly and correctly. Without this type of support frame in a computer system, there would be no computer system left to function.

Infrastructure can be run in a couple of different ways:

  • Within a single data center
  • Across several data centers that are controlled internally
  • Across several data centers that are controlled by a third party provider (usually a colocation facility or a cloud provider)

Regardless of which way your business decides to format and set up its data center, or cluster of data centers, hardware and elements of hardware support are necessary. Items such as cables, antennas, aggregators and routers are just the beginning of your transition into a fully-fledged data center. Even more importantly, the world of IT infrastructure is constantly changing and adapting as the World Wide Web grows, expands and adjusts to the constant change of the human need. Luckily, the friendly professionals here at MelroseINC can make your infrastructure dreams come true. No more guessing what the right product is or how to get optimal performance out of the system you are running. At any of our three locations across the Los Angeles area there are helpful heads and top of the line products just waiting for you. Whether you need to set up your infrastructure from scratch or adjust your current set up, MelroseINC is the perfect place to start.

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