Working with certified dealers is important for a number of reasons. These certifications, in most cases, require a company to prove themselves to the certifying partner or organization. They are not simply handed out to anyone who applies for them. Being certified should always be treated as a sign that a company is willing to go above and beyond for its customers and that it has been recognized as doing just that.


Benefits to Certification

What does certification mean? Here are some of the benefits of working with a company that has been deemed an Apple authorized service provider or other such certified provider:

  • The company has shown that it understands, practices, and reflects the principles held by the certifying company or organization.
  • The company produces work or products that are up to the quality standards of the certifier.
  • The company‚Äôs employees are knowledgeable and have been highly trained in the areas necessary to complete the work needed.
  • The company has a strong safety record and is dedicated to creating products or offering services that are safe.

If you work with a procurement and sourcing company that has been certified, you can trust that you will receive the best services possible.

The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council

The Supplier Clearinghouse

Our Certifications

MelroseTEC and its parent company, MelroseINC, have worked closely with Apple to provide our clients with the best products at the best price. To that end, we have been named an Apple premier store, which means we can offer top of the line Apple products to our clients at great prices. We also provide full Apple product support for all of their devices.

We also make certain that any of the vendors we work with hold the appropriate certifications and can provide our clients with outstanding products and services at a competitive price.

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