Businesses around the world have been deploying applications via the cloud for several years now. These businesses have determined that cloud-based applications and data storage options provide a number of different benefits. While securing data was a concern in the beginning, today cloud servers are just as protected as any other business network. In fact, they can actually help increase your security because your data is constantly backed up.

Why Deploy Software from the Cloud?

Why is it more advantageous to deploy software from the cloud instead of installing it on each individual computer?

  • There’s no need to install the program on every computer, saving your time.
  • Likewise, the application on the cloud is the only one that needs updating or patching. You don’t have to install upgrades on each individual machine.
  • All employees have access to any new software you add to the cloud. Again, this saves a good amount of time.
  • You know all employees are using the same version of an application. This helps keep all files compatible among the different computers your office has. These files can also be saved in the cloud so that various employees can access them no matter where they are.

Other Services

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  • Our associated MelroseTEC branch can provide you with IT services and support.
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