Certified Apple Premium Service Provider

Even the most reliable computer or device can experience problems from time to time, which is why we provide service and repair for your Apple machines. We are an authorized Apple number customer service provider, so you can be sure that our techs know how to repair your computer or other device quickly and reliably. We offer hardware repair, data recovery, expedited service for business customers and a variety of other essential services.


Device Repair

 We offer repair on most Apple devices, including PCs, laptops, iPhones and mobile devices. Our certified technicians can replace hardware, including damaged screens, and perform troubleshooting when your machine encounters issues. In addition, our experienced Apple data recovery technicians have a 92% success rate when it comes to recovering data from damaged hard disks or external drives.



 Our BusinessCRITICAL premium service is an excellent repair options for workplaces that cannot be without Apple technology. For paying a small premium in terms of price, you receive a major premium on service. The perks of using BusinessCRITICAL include two day turn around, expedited shipping and the ability to automatically skip to the head of the service line.


Repair Loaners

 If you’re like many people, your Mac is synonymous with your livelihood. That’s why we have a variety of loaner computers available for a flat fee. Take one out while one of our Apple certified repair technicians fixes your old machine so that your work doesn’t have to grind to a halt. We’ll even transfer your important data to the new machine as part of the loan process. We offer the following models as loaners:

  • Mac Pro
  • MacBook Pro
  • MacBook Air


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 Timely repair of your machines means you can get back to work faster. Find out what Mac repair services we offer. Fill out our online contact form to learn more about how we can assist your Apple machines.