The Best Media Tools on the Market

To get a job done right, you need the proper tools. While most people’s first thought is having the right hardware, it’s important to not forget that software is equally important. Fortunately, we have the very best in premium media software and hardware accessories for creative professionals. Whether you are a videographer, editor or visual artists, we have the media tools that can help you get the job done right.


Final Cut 

Final Cut is Apple’s in-house video editing software. It has long been a favorite of hobby and independent film makers, but has recently gained in popularity among professionals as well. It gives users the ability to perform non-linear video editing on a clip that is compatible with QuickTime. The timeline feature makes it easy to organize clips and ensure that everything is in the proper place in a video file.



Avid NEXIS is a unique shared storage solution for professionals who regularly collaborate on video editing projects. The system provides safe external storage for media files that can be easily accessed by anyone with permission to edit the files. It allows for real time editing which smooths the collaboration process and ensure that you get the best possible finished product. In addition, the external storage drive protects your data from hardware crashes and other issues. 

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