Legend has it that John Wayne would stand on the roof of the Hollywood Athletic Club and launch billiard balls at passing motorists.

It’s only legend because he never posted it on Instagram (true statement).

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So, if you were making your way down Sunset Boulevard last Thursday evening and felt a sudden smack of real-time clarity while passing by the historical venue – you were not alone.

But it wasn’t the mischievous Duke’s resurrected spirit from the rooftop, just the surge of 4K technology blasting fromMelroseMAC’s invite-only soiree, Fast Forward: Old Hollywood meets 4k Hollywood.

“We’re here at this historic location, where the likes of Charlie Chaplin and Clark Gable once shared memories,” said CEO-President of MelroseMAC, Sandy Nasseri. “because movie making has always been a magical experience, and we just wanted to let the creative community know that we’re here to provide some of that magic, via cutting edge technology and top-tier service you can always expect from us.”

Violet lights illuminated the waves of arches and columns inside the 1924 storied building, as guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and signature cocktails while DJ Dojah provided the freshest beats. One wing of the structure housed an interactive tech lounge with the latest Thunderbolt products, from  while the enormous gym set the stage for MelroseMAC’s 4K theater. Surrounded by the familiar smell of popcorn and under three soft lit chandeliers, the crowd was treated to special presentations from Apple, G-Technology, and GoPro.

It turns out that my life is not as exciting as a GoPro action reel. I haven’t escaped the death reach of a toppling avalanche, or joyfully wrestled lions while the sun sets in the African wilderness. But if I ever did, I would capture those moments on my GoPro, use the latest version of Final Cut Pro to edit the footage, and definitely save it on my G-SPEED drive.

A lot has changed since D.W. Griffith released his first feature film, and with the release of the new Final Cut Pro 10, we see just how far filmmaking has progressed. According to Luke Tristram, an Apple engineer, no other program takes more advantage of the new Mac Pro, than the new version of Final Cut. The audience was treated to a no-cameras-allowed editing session in full 4K clarity to prove it and nary a frame was dropped. Impressive.

“The technological frontier expands exponentially, but we’re always ready to bring the latest and greatest to our professional and creative community,” shared VP of Sales and Service, Reza Safai.

No incidents of flying billiard balls from the roof were reported at the end of the night.

Check out and tag yourself in photos by Aurelia D’Amore on our Facebook page!

Workflow Solutions and Software featured:

  • Mac Pro
  • Thunderbolt LED Display
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • GRAID Studio
  • GSPEED Studio
  • GDRIVE with Thunderbolt
  • GDRIVE Pro with Thunderbolt
  • GRAID with Thunderbolt
  • GDOCK ev with Thunderbolt
  • Hero 3+ Black Edition Camera
  • Various Camera Mounts
Blackmagic Design
  • Blackmagic 4K Production Camera
  • Blackmagic Cinema Camera
  • Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera
  • DaVinci Resolve Software
  • Optical Thunderbolt 2 Cables
ATTO Technology
  • Thunderlink 2162 Fibre Channel
  • ExpressBox 3t
  • ExpressBox 1t
  • ROBEN-3 Series
  • xMac Pro Server
  • Echo Express III-R
  • LTO-6 Fibre Channel
  • Tape Library
  • Overland Tape
  • Cintiq Touch & Pen Interactive Display
  • Intuos Stylus
  • Intuos Pro Tablet

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